MYRO is a  open source and open hardware, 1.2 meter tall, fully 3D printable, interactive and semi autonomouse robot platform designed to steepen the learning curve of 3D printing, electronics and programming enthousiasts. 


He is designed to work with standard and widely available components. Because of this, the total build cost, wich varies between €450 - €700,- depending on your country's taxes and where you get your electronics, is low and that makes MYRO a accessible life sized robotics learning platform for almost everyone. 

MYRO is fully 3D printable on almost every 3D printer! because the minimum build plate size required is just 210 x 210 x 250mm. So if your 3D printer meets this condition, yo can start printing directly after you've ordered the A-Z build guide wich includes everything from the electrical en mechanical parts list, to the easy to read electrical diagrams to the most recent available programming code.  


See your robot buddy grow with every bodypart your adding right after it's printed and when everything is printed and put together.. See him come to life by uploading the code to his micro controllers. 

A DIY project for everyone!

Some people will get a bit nervous just by thinking about starting such a big diy project. But don't worry! It is also possible to start off by just making MYRO's skateboard. Start printing the desired components, put the pieces together and make it drive around autonomously without driving into obstacles by writing your own code. Or use the code that come's with ordering the complete build guide if u want to use a example and improve from there.

And when your ready for it. you can start to get the rest of MYRO up and running and start learning how to program. You can start off simple by changing the color of 1 of his 32 onboard LED's. This is to easy for you? Try Making MYRO shake your hand when you reach out to him. Still not challenging enough? Make him listen to what you have to say and make him give a correct answer. Or start learning more about electronics by adding hardware to create new functions. MYRO's possibility's are endless.

MYRO is designed with easy acces to all the main electrical components. This makes it easy to add hardware to create new functions or to upload new code. 

The current basic open source features are:

- Autonomouse driving mode

- Follow you mode

- Capable off sensing human presence within a radius of 2,5 meters.

- When closeby, MYRO will look at you and also keep looking at you even if you are       moving left to right.

- Controllable with a smartphone over bluetooth

- 260 Programmable speach functions

- 270 degree obstacle detection

- Random moving around of the arms.

- Programmable RGB LED ring in his chest

- If you try to pat his head. MYRO will bend its knees so you miss him. After this he will get back up en make fun off you a little bit for missing him. This may look like a silly function, but it created to show everyone what the possibility's are when they are building MYRO.

Now, the real question is: Is all information you've just read convincing enough for you to agree if i say: MYRO is a fun and interesting do it yourself project for the young, old, Beginner AND experienced? if you're still not convinced, maybe it's because you still don't know the main goal wich MYRO is designed for.

Because MYRO is not designed for just being a fun and interesting project. The main goal when designing MYRO was to create a accessible robotics platform around which a community can be built. A community you can turn to when things don't go your way when you're learning the intricacies of 3D printing, robotics or programming. But also where the more advanced can show their capabilities and share it with the rest so , together we can continue to improve MYRO until eventually perhaps a robot that is able to perform tasks that are assigned to it, making it a accessible and useable robot for literally everyone and wich can be used in many places!

If you want more information, Feel free to fill out the contact form below.